FIBI Ready For Consumption

RAPIDO FOODS maker of FIBI is poised to offer good Beef Sausage Roll product to the expectant consumers come middle of September 2012.  This is the reason the Company has been test-running its production activity over time.  RAPIDO FOODS is sure to give consumers the desired quality of product in terms of texture, beef feeling and taste.

Rapido Foods travelled wide to research on this process and today what is got on its stable ‘FIBI’ is the result of all the efforts.  Consumers yearn for varied taste in snack of sausage other than the ones they have been eating all along, same taste of snack over time. They desire new and innovative product.  

FIBI is of great taste and a symbol of quality, packaged in a trendy manner to excite consumers.  FIBI is safe and appropriate for snacks. By unveiling FIBI, Rapido Foods intends to enhance sausage production in Nigeria to give the citizens added value for their money.

Research carried out by Rapido Foods on Consumer Adaptability to new products reveal that the market is ready for FIBI; hence, RAPIDO FOODS is ready to deliver quality service to Nigerians in compliance with the standard manufacturing practice through a vigorous process of quality material specification, formulation and ideal manufacture - a quick response to an identified consumer expectation in the country.